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Birth Photographer


Doğum Fotoğrafçısı

If the moment is too valuable to be missed then a photo is everything. Another moment that is too valuable to be missed is “birth”. Birth is the most memorable moment in parents’ life. A photo provides that those happiness’s, excitements and tears are remembered in smiles for a lifetime. Although my basic education is on child development, I was a teacher within the body of private and national education for 5 years. At the same time, for me photography was remaining as a request to be discovered.

I started my photography education 3 years ago. Even though being very new, I had the opportunity to work with very professional people in Istanbul. My photography education: I have taken photography education from the “PHOTO TREE” educational institution founded by BELGIN COLERI, who took an active role in the establishment of the Turkey Photography Foundation, a photography editor in the Hürriyet newspaper, Dünya newspaper and Italian Gentleman magazine, coordinator of the City Colled Istanbul Exhibition, opened in USA Washington and which is containing the Istanbul Photos of Turkey’s top 50 photographers, and JULIDE GAMZE ÇEÇEN, Photography Educator at the Private Aydın University.

With my experience, knowledge, professionalism and different point of view, I am ready to work with you together in Antalya to write your story and to eternalize your moments...

Şehpal OVALI
0534 372 02 28

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