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Emergency Service

In the emergency service and in observation rooms, equipped with modern medical equipment, the first treatments and observations of patients are carried out by experienced physicians. In addition, examinations can be performed without loss of time in interference rooms and other technically-equipped rooms. Screening facilities such as magnetic resonance, computerized tomography and ultrasound as well as all laboratory tests can be performed with a 24 hour support of radiology experts.

Akdeniz Şifa Hastanesi Acil Servis Akdeniz Şifa Hastanesi Acil Servis
Dr. Altan AYAZ dr. ilhan toker
Akdeniz Şifa Hastanesi - Dr Yusuf Adıyaman
Dr. Altan AYAZ Dr. İlhan TOKER Dr. Yusuf ADIYAMAN
emailaayaz@akdenizsifa.com emailitoker@akdenizsifa.com emailyadiyaman@akdenizsifa.com
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Dr. Hatice Dengiz
Resim Yok
Dr. Hatice DENGİZ Dr. Can DOĞAN
emailhdengiz@akdenizsifa.com emailcdogan@akdenizsifa.com
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