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Human Resources Strategy of the Akdeniz Şifa Hospital; being a sample community in which everyone wants to work and will be proud to work dominated by mutual trust and respect

Human Resources Management;

  • To be a workplace where qualified workforce is preferred,
  • To be a workplace taking into account the balance between business and private life, where safe, healthy and ethical values are created.
  • To select and employ the most suitable work force that will adapt to the community, having the values of the Akdeniz Şifa Hospital
  • To create a development environment and opportunities in which employees can continuously improve and develop their potential,
  • Providing managers to monitor employee performances on a regular basis by creating a culture in which employees assume a development responsibility and to support the open communication in relation to this.
  • To orientate the development of employees in order to create a qualified and successful workforce and leader pool,
  • It aims the supply of highly qualified human resources and to keep constant improvement and motivation high of employees.

The Private Akdeniz Şifa Hospital maintains one of the highest quality working masses in Antalya with its well-educated and well-respected staff.

If you also would like to take part in this, please fill in the following application form with the right information and send it to us on-line.


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