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Nutrition and Dietetics

Beslenme ve DiyetetikToday, balanced and healthy diets are vital in preventing people from many acquired diseases. The Nutrition and Dietetics Unit, which prepares a personalized nutrition plan as a result of necessary examinations, tries to teach a healthy diet or to provide a diet behavior change in individuals who arrive with any health problems. In addition, nutrition programs are regulated and trainings are provided and followed for people with a special status such as for diabetes, pregnant-breast feeding period, child and adolescent period.

In addition, the diet program of our patients who are undergoing inpatient treatment at our hospital, are prepared by the Diet and Nutrition Department by physicians and nurses as Beslenme ve Diyetetikmultidisciplinary.

If required, necessary diet trainings are also provided orally and in written to the patient when being discharged from the hospital.

Beslenme ve Diyebetik


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